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Connect, Engage and Enhance Health and Well-being.

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Our Mission Statement

We seek to...

  • Help our clients achieve their personal goals through meaningful engagement.

  • Provide evidence-based intervention in supporting the needs of the young persons, adults and their family.

  • Provide a safe space for engagement, healthy connections and healing.

  • Employ the "just right" challenge in exploring occupational opportunities, developing skills and enhancing quality of life.

  • Signpost resources to effectively navigate meaningful pursuits.


Tús Nua Therapy Cork provides bespoke Occupational Therapy Services across the lifespan delivered within a clinical setting, at home environment or via telehealth/teletherapy.

  • School/Learning Supports for Ages 12-25: Handwriting, Activities of Daily Living/ Routine/ Executive Functions, Stress and Anxiety Management, Sensory-based Intervention for Neurodiverse population (ASD/ADHD/Dyslexia/Dyspraxia)

  • Facilitates Community Re-integration from inpatient care

  • Providing skills-training and ongoing support

  • Specialist Outpatient Support for Population with Eating Disorders -Anorexia Nervosa (AN), Bulimia Nervosa (BN) and Being Eating Disorder (BED).   

  • Enhance Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT-E), Meal Planning, Graded Exposure Engagement, Interpersonal and Social Skills, Body Image and Self-Esteem development, Psychosensory intervention and trauma-informed approaches to maintaining health and well-being.

We also provide clinical supervision for occupational therapists working in Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities (ID) and Private Work.

We offer occupational therapy assessments, intervention, provide advice and ongoing supports that are client-centered, trauma-informed and advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Services Offered


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